About Bitsmachine

After recently looking for a job, I knew I needed a better solution for managing my résumés. I had so many different versions floating around in different places, with inconsistent names, and a smattering of different job descriptions for my experiences.

I couldn't tell if the file I was looking at was my most recent résumé, or just a recent copy of an old résumé. It was confusing and I wasted a lot of time and effort customizing résumés and cover letters every day.

Bitsmachine helps me manage all this chaos.

I can easily duplicate résumés, swap out experiences and sections, and customize job descriptions based on the role I'm applying for. I can also duplicate cover letters and keep notes on jobs I've applied for (in the cover letter), along with which résumé I included. This saves me a lot of time, and I can get more done in less time, with fewer mistakes.

It's still early, but I've found it really helpful for managing my process.

Who built this?

My name is Tim Barkow, and I'm a UX designer. I've been building things on the web for quite a long time, and love the process of creating something new. I hope you find this tool useful. Definitely leave some feedback either way. (It's in the app's footer when you're signed in.)

Can I export my data?

You bet. Since the whole point is to quickly generate résumés, you can export everything you create by default. There's no big "export everything" button (yet), but you can quickly copy out each resume into your own documents.